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Frequently Asked Questions

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Safeheat FAQ's

What do we do?

Gas / Oil / LPG - Central Heating Installation & Service. Plumbing including Electrical

Why Service a Boiler?

For safety and efficiency ratings, thus saving you money on your gas/oil bills.

How Much does it cost to service a standard boiler?

£70.00 - but have you considered Homecover?

What are Landlord Safety Checks?

Annual inspections to ensure all equipment is working correctly.

What is the A1 Scheme?

Money back for switching fuel sources. Click here for more on the A1 Scheme.

How much for an installation?

This varies dependant upon the property - click here for a free survey

Renewable FAQ's

What are the benefits for you?

  • Not reliant on fossil fuels
  • Not reliant on the big energy suppliers
  • Saving money long term
  • Never run out of fuel
  • No price rises on the cost of air

What are the benefits for the planet?

  • Lower C02
  • Lower Green House Gasses
  • Lower dependence on Fossil Fuels
  • Keeping Devon Green

Homecover FAQ's

What's covered?

Bronze just £12.00 per month - Silver just £16.00 per month - Gold just £22.00 per month. Click here for details on our Homecover

Will I need my boiler serviced?

YES, and this is included!

Are all parts included?

YES, all included in the cover!

Do you offer evening & weekend call outs?

YES, all included in the cover!

From when would I be covered?

From as soon as you complete the forms.

Do I require my Boiler to be surveyed?

YES, but this is included!

Is the age of my boiler important?

We will cover any age of boiler, subject to a satisfactory survey.

What are the payment terms?

It's simple - by monthly Direct Debit.