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Solar Thermal

Straightforward Solar Thermal Solution

Designed specifically for use on UK homes, Clearly Solar has everything you need to look for in a flat plate solar thermal solution. Clearly Solar system delivers between 50 and 60% of your domestic hot water every year. In the summertime it can be as high as 100% which means that your boiler may never have to fire up, saving energy and money.

Robust and subtle design

Clearly Solar comes in a really simple pack solution ensuring that you have everything you need for your solar thermal installation, with total compatibility and simplicity. The flat plate collectors are made from black anodised aluminium which makes them hard wearing, robust and very subtle, neatly fitting into or onto your roof. Alternatively, if the inclination or aspect of your roof is not perfectly suited for a solar installation, Clearly Solar can also be installed on A-frames which are extremely easy to construct and site on a flat roof or in a garden.

Total compatibility

Clearly Solar is a pressurised system, meaning that it is completely full of heat transfer fluid and sealed from the atmosphere (a similar concept to a sealed heating system). As with all Solar Thermal systems, you will still require a secondary heat source to provide your central heating. Clearly Solar is fully compatible with all new and existing open vent and sealed system boilers or immersion heaters in non-gas areas.